Welcome to Track0 at Vandaele.us

by Kirsten Vandaele

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Track0 is a fast, reliable and customizable counter for your website using PHP4 and MySQL.

  • Region tracking (optional). Track a single region, or have the tracker distinguish between two, three or even a million different regions
  • log authentication (optional). Make your logs private, or show them off to the world
  • Super easy installation and uninstallation. Get started in seconds, or remove it just as easily
  • Secure uninstallation (optional). In the case that you forget to remove the uninstall.php from your server, you still need the username and password to remove it
  • Variable number for regarding a visitor as unique. You decide after how many hours a visitor should be counted again
  • Several display modes: Images (ours or your own), text (plain text, you just format it like any other text), or invisible. Allows a default value as well as overriding for any single (or multiple) page(s)
  • Minimum digits (optional). Whichever display mode you choose (not counting invisible), you can add zero's to the front (134 could show as 000134, and 1512 as 001512)
  • Variable log font - you choose which font the log uses

  • No support available. Unless you somehow manage to get a hold of me :)
  • See it in action:
    • Log - no user (leave the field empty), password: 'admin'
    • Examples of the counter itself:
      Track0 Counter in action - Invisible version Track0 Counter in action - Text version
      Track0 Counter in action - Image version
  • Download:
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    • v3.0: Pick your compression: